Machinima Issue of the Journal of Visual Culture

The Machinima Issue of The Journal of Visual Culture is now out.  To access the full text of articles, you need a subscription to the journal. Under the terms of the licensing agreement, however, authors can publish the first version of the article sent to the editors.  Since my early version is nearly identical to the published version (with the important exception of images), I’ve made it available here for download and circulation.

Here’s the abstract:

Kari Kraus, ” ‘A Counter-Friction to the Machine’: What Game Scholars, Librarians, and Archivists Can Learn from Machinima Makers about User Activism” (Journal of Visual Culture 2011 (10): 100-112).

The author examines the legal issues associated with machinima creation in relation to archival and preservation efforts. Specifically, she argues that what makes machinima as a cultural practice particularly interesting from a legal perspective is its ability to dramatize the tension between copyright law and contract law; public rights and private rights; and the right of reproduction versus the right of adaptation. She proposes that game scholars, librarians and archivists take a page from the play book of machinima creators when developing their own professional approaches to user activism and digital access and preservation.