Bibliocircuitry and the Design of the Alien Everyday

I’ve been meaning to post a direct link to this article since it’s available open source (but hard to find via Google). Here’s the full reference + abstract:

Hancock, C., Hichar, C., Holl-Jensen, C., Kraus, K., Mozafari, C., and Skutlin, K. (2013). Bibliocircuitry and the design of the alien everyday. Textual Cultures.

This essay describes, models, and advocates for the role of reflective design in bibliography and textual studies. Popularized by Donald Norman, reflective design promotes critical inquiry over usability and exploratory prototyping over fully realized productions. We highlight four projects undertaken by the authors that embody reflective design, including three that explore the crossed codes of print and electronic books. A larger aim of the essay is to position bibliotextual scholarship and pedagogy as design-oriented practices that can be used to imagine the future as well as reconstruct the past.